FAIR HOUSING :   We are committed to compliance with fair housing laws and do not engage in unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.  We do reserve the right to have differences in policies at our different properties, and to treat some people differently than others, based on lawful criteria.  Lawful reasons we may treat people differently include, but are not limited to: rental history, credit record, criminal history, income, illegal drug use, etc.  Upon request, we will make reasonable accommodations to rules, policies, practices, or services, and allow reasonable physical modifications, when required to give persons with disabilities access to and use of our property.  We may require execution of an addendum regarding the approval and implementation of accommodations or modifications and any restoration obligations.  This is a good faith statement of our intent to abide by applicable fair housing laws.  This statement is not intended to and does not expand, extend, or create any legal obligation, right or remedy for us or for you beyond those independently imposed by applicable fair housing laws (including, without limitation, by contractually extending any statue of limitations).

APPLICATION SUBMITTAL AND RIGHT TO REVIEW LEASE:  Before you submit an application or pay any fee(s) or security deposit(s), we recommend you review our lease form and any community policies that will be part of the lease.  You may take as long as you like to do so.  Set forth below are the general policies of Adami & Associates, Inc. that will be used in determining your eligibility for leasing.

APPLICATION FEE: A non-refundable application processing fee will be required for each application to cover the cost of credit and criminal history reports, application processing administration and overhead, etc. $50.00 per applicant over 18 AND $50 per Guarantor/Co-Signer.

LEGAL RESIDENCY:  All applicants and prospective occupants must provide appropriate verification of their lawful presence in the United States.

INCOME/CREDIT:  All applicants must have acceptable income and credit history.  Third party consumer credit reporting and screening agencies are used to verify applicant’s identity, credit and criminal history.  Based on their credit history, applicants may be required to provide additional evidence of income and rental history and a larger than standard deposit, as determined by Management.  The third party screening agency considers a number of factors in its application recommendations, including but not limited to:  credit history, criminal history, applicant’s debt and debt service requirements, debt payment history, eviction history, Social Security fraud history, applicant information lawfully obtained from Federal, state and local enforcement agency databases, and other relevant information.

Monthly income:  Must earn at least three times the entire rental amount that they are applying for.

Rental History:  Either the applicant or the guarantor must have at least two years verifiable payment history.
*They must have a good rental history with no evictions, skips, or abandonment’s.
*They must not have an outstanding balance with another management and/or community.
*If the applicant has previously owned or the guarantor currently owns a home, verification of payment from the Mortgage Company or Title Company will be required.

Credit History:  No repossessions, charge offs, collection accounts, judgments or liens.
*Written verification is required to show that any of the above listed credit problems have been paid off.
*Tax liens will not disqualify an applicant.
*A court executed settlement listing any accounts listed on a report under Bankruptcy can be considered as long as they can show some accounts a current and in good standing.

CRIMINAL HISTORY:   All applicants and prospective occupants 18 years old and older must submit an application for a criminal history check and verify their criminal history at Managements request.  The application or occupancy of any persons may be denied at any time based on their criminal history or behavior, in Management’s sole and absolute discretion.  Criminal history for which Management will deny applications or occupancy includes, but is not limited to, arrests, prosecutions, or convictions for:  any crimes involving actual or potential harm to person(s) or property; sex or morals related crimes; crimes involving possession, manufacture, sale or delivery of any controlled substance, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or weapons; fraud or financial crimes (Misdemeanor theft by check may be waived if all security deposit(s) and rent payments are paid by money order or cashier’s check).  Denial of applications or occupancy may be made regardless of the final disposition of any criminal prosecution.

Guarantor(s) that meet the Company’s applicant criteria may be required on behalf of applicants who do not meet the criteria. The Guarantor application must be completed & notarized by a legal guardian for the applicant.
*All students must have a Guarantor.  The Guarantor must meet the monthly income requirements.  The applicant’s rental history will be verified.
*Applicants who do not have a legal guardian to sign a guarantor agreement or if their Guarantor does not meet all income and credit requirements may pre-pay the entire lease term.

AGE:   Lessee’s must be an “adult” as defines by the laws of the state where the dwelling is located, unless otherwise required by law.

2 persons per bedroom or 2 persons in an efficiency apartment
2 persons in a 1-bedroom apartment
3 persons in a 1-bedroom apartment that also has a den, study or sunroom (except that 4 persons are allowed if no more than two are unrelated adults)

3 persons in a 2-bedroom apartment (except that 4 persons are allowed if no more than two are unrelated adults).
4 persons in a 3-bedroom apartment (except that 6 persons are allowed if no more than two are unrelated adults).

OCCUPANCY:  Eagle’s Landing Condominiums
3 roommates limit in 2 BR (*Rental increase of $100 per month for a 3rd person in a 2 BR)
4 roommates limit in 3 BR (*Rental increase of $100 per month for a 4th person in a 3 BR)

The Company will comply with applicable laws that require higher or lower occupancy ratios.  In some cases occupancy ratios may differ from those above.  Dens, studies, and other similar spaces are treated for occupancy purposes as bedrooms.  “Unrelated adults” are those not related by blood, marriage or adoption.  Infants (persons under 25 months of age at the time of lease or renewal) will not be counted in determining occupancy.

Security deposit requirements vary among locales and markets, and may differ among individuals based upon objective factors such as credit and rental history.

WATER FURNITURE:  Acceptable on first floor only, with proof of insurance and Management’s written approval prior to occupancy.

PARKING POLICY:   Each community has restrictions that limit the type and number of vehicles that may be parked on the property.  Generally, all vehicles must be registered with the Management office.  Be sure to check the property’s specific parking requirements prior to executing a lease.

ANIMALS:  Generally, acceptable animals include domestic cats, fish (maximum tank size: 50 gallons), birds and dogs.  Dogs that are purebreds or mixes of the following breeds are prohibited:  Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow-Chow, Doberman, German Shepard, Great Dane, Pit Bull (also known as:  American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Shar Pei, and Siberian Husky.  The numbers of any given animals allowed are property specific.  All other animals are prohibited, including but not limited to, snakes, ferrets, iguanas, potbelly pigs, rabbits, and insects.  If and when an animal is permitted on a property, a non-refundable fee, additional rent, and additional deposit may be required.  These charges may vary among properties.  Additional fees, rent, and deposits will not be required, and breed restrictions may not apply, as an accommodation for disabled persons’ support animals.  Requests for reasonable accommodations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  NO ANIMAL IS AUTHORIZED WITHOUT MANAGEMENT’S PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION AND THE EXECUTION OF AN ANIMAL ADDENDUM.

COMMUNITY POLICIES:  All residents and occupants agree to abide by the policies for health, safety, and living enjoyment at the community.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  I have read, understand and accept the above as qualifying standards and rental policies of this community, Further, by signing below, I authorize a credit report(s) and criminal history records being ordered, prepared and delivered in connection with my application or tenancy at this community, whether before, during or following such tenancy.


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