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Move Out Procedures Addendum

Your lease agreement requires that you leave the property clean and in the condition in which you found it when you moved in, subject only to normal wear and tear, as per your TAA Inventory and Condition Form.

Adami Realty has every intention of returning your security deposit if you have fulfilled your TAA Lease Contract.

The instructions referenced below must be complied with to receive a refund of your security deposit.  If you do not clean in accordance with the required specifications detailed below, you will be held liable for reasonable cleaning charges-including charges for cleaning carpet, walls, appliances, etc. that are soiled beyond normal wear and tear.


  1. You must provide the management office with a complete forwarding address.
  2. Keys, garage door openers, etc. must be turned in by the expiration date of the lease or pro-rated holdover rate rent will be charged daily until they are returned.
  3. Turn in ALL garage door openers
  4. Mail Keys: If mailbox keys were originally issued by the US Postal Service, they should be returned to the US Postal Service with a change of address notice.
  5. ALL gate access remotes, keys, or cards given for access to neighborhood amenities (pool, clubhouse, fitness center, etc.)
  6. Return all parking permits.
  7. We will conduct a final move out inspection after ALL furnishings and personal items have been removed, ALL cleaning has been COMPLETED, and keys are turned in to Adami Realty.
  8. Utilities MUST be on during the final inspection. If utilities are not on when we arrive for the inspection, the Residents will be charged a $50 trip charge.  Any delays caused by utilities not being on will result in the delay of your security deposit return.
  9. Residents are not permitted back on a property or in a unit after vacating.



  • The refrigerator must be empty and thoroughly cleaned, including freezer, shelves and drawers.
  • The range must be spotless in all areas, including oven, shelves and drip pans.
  • Clean dishwasher inside and out.
  • The vent hood must be cleaned outside and underneath the filter-change filter if necessary.
  • Microwave must be cleaned inside and out.
  • All cabinets and drawers must be wiped clean inside and out.
  • Sink and countertop must be cleaned, free of stains and hard water residue.
  • Walls and floors free of food stains.
  • Garbage disposal cleared and running freely.
  • Floors and baseboards thoroughly cleaned.


  • All fixtures must be clean, shiny and free of soap film.
  • Sink and countertop must be cleaned, free of stains and hard water residue.
  • Cabinets and drawers must be cleaned inside and out, making sure all hair and liners are removed.
  • Clean medicine cabinets inside and out.
  • Shower enclosures must be clean, grout bleached making sure it is free of soap film and mildew.
  • Toilets must be cleaned inside and out. If the toilet seat looks unsavory, replace it with the same exact brand that was there when you moved in.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean exhaust fan must be free of dust.
  • Floors and baseboards thoroughly cleaned.


  • Area free of dust and debris.
  • Cabinets, shelves, counters cleaned inside and out.
  • Washer wiped down inside and out, free of soap residue.
  • Dryer wiped down and free of lint.
  • Floors and baseboards thoroughly cleaned.



  • ALL hard surfaces swept and mopped.
  • ALL baseboards dusted and wiped down.
  • ALL carpeted areas must be vacuumed and stain free. (See Carpet Cleaning)


  • Remove nails, screws, and hooks from walls and ceilings. DO NOT attempt to putty holes or paint any walls. Mismatching the color or sheen can be costly and will be charged to your security deposit if it must be re-done. (we do not charge for filling in holes unless there is an unusual quantity or if large holes (TV mount) are present.
  • Windows are to be cleaned inside and out including window sills and tracks.
  • Blinds must be cleaned and dust free, and in good working condition.
  • AC vents must be cleaned and dust free.
  • All doors, trim, and doorknobs must be wiped down and clean
  • All switch plates and wall outlets must be cleaned.
  • Clean all ceiling fan blades, and light fixtures.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Remove all cobwebs throughout.
  • All closets and storage spaces must be emptied, shelves wiped down and hangers removed.
  • Replace dirty AC filters. If washable filter, then it must be cleaned.
  • Thoroughly clean fireplace, hearth, and mantle, removing any ashes and debris.
  • Patios, balconies, and garages must be clean and free of dirt, trash and debris.
  • All smoke alarms must be operative and intact. Replace batteries as needed.


  • Lawns must be neatly mowed, edged, trees and shrubs pruned and trimmed, flower beds weeded, yard watered, and all trash and debris removed.
  • Any animal waste is to be picked up and disposed of.
  • Replace any damaged or missing windows or window screens.
  • Walkways, driveways, patios, and garage floors must be cleaned and free of oil, grease and debris.
  • Repair any pet damage and treat for fleas/ticks etc.
  • Clean outdoor light globes and replace any burned out or missing bulbs.
  • Sheds must be cleaned out thoroughly.
  • All trash and garbage must be removed from the premises (including curbside). If you have trash that exceeds normal pick up, you are to arrange to have it hauled away.



Residents are required to have carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned at the time of move out.  DO NOT rent machines from a store or use a home cleaning machine.  Only professional cleaning is acceptable.  The company you choose MUST use a truck mounted system.  Be sure to have any spot/stain treatment or pet treatment completed.  If you hire a company other than the one we use, be sure the company will guarantee their work to the Adami Realty standards and satisfaction. Our recommended company is: Denton County Carpet Cleaning (940) 300-0050 David Green. You MUST turn in invoice to us upon turning in keys.

If the carpet is not cleaned to our satisfaction, the Resident will be charged the additional expense of us having the carpet re-cleaned

Please follow the above instructions carefully.  If the property does not meet the prerequisites after the inspection, applicable charges will be made with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Upon leaving, please make sure to fully secure the property by locking all windows and doors.  Set thermostat AC to 78 degrees between April-October and HEAT on 50 degrees between November-March. (NOTE: Failure to comply with these instructions may result in damage in the home for which you may be responsible).  Make sure all keys, remotes, access cards and forwarding address are turned in on or before midnight on the last day of your lease contract.

NIGHT DROP located at our main office bottom left of front door.



Counter Repair     Carpet Replacement     Vinyl Replacement     Drywall Repair     Painting

Landscaping          Trash Removal            Appliances/and or Parts     Cabinet/Drawer Repair


It has been our experience that after the work and stress of moving out, Residents may be too tired to clean to our standards.  We recommend considering a professional cleaning company.  You are free to choose any company you wish.  If you hire a professional cleaning service, we ask that you provide them with a list of what we expect, oversee, and inspect their work.

If the property is NOT cleaned to our standards you will be charged for cleaning- (See Below)

***These are minimum charges and are subject to change at any time without notice***

This is not and all-inclusive list; you may be charged for additional cleaning not listed.

Cleaning Costs:

Refrigerator $50 + Bathroom Drawers $20 +
Oven $50 + Ceiling Fans $35 + each
Stovetop $25 + Sliding Door $35 + each
Vent Hood $35 + Vertical Blinds $50 + each
Dishwasher $20 + Blinds $20 + each
Microwave $50 + Windows/Tracks $50 + each
Kitchen Sink $10 + Fireplace $75 +
Kitchen Cabinets $20 + Floors-Mop $50 + per room
Kitchen Drawers $20 + Vacuum $50 + per room
Mirror $20 + each Baseboards $25 + per room
Toilet $30 + each Patio/Balcony $75 +
Tub/Shower $50 + each Garage $100 +
Bathroom Sink $10 + each Furniture Removal $100 +
Bathroom Cabinets $20 + Trash Removal $100 +

Upon vacating, if any items are missing or damaged to the point they must be replaced, you will be charged for the current cost of the item, labor, and /or service charges.

***The prices listed are minimum prices only, if a higher cost is incurred, you will be responsible for paying the higher cost***

This is not an all-inclusive list; you may be charged for additional items not listed.


Drip Pan-Set of 4 $45 + Bathroom Sink $100 +
Disposal $150 + Tub Stopper $15 +
Vertical Blind $150 + Toilet Seat $50 +
Blind $100 + Towel Bar $20 +
Vertical Blind Slat $20 + Shower Rod $20 +
Blind Wand $20 + Door Stop $5 + each
60 Watt Bulb $5 + each Patio Door Screen $150 +
Vanity Bulb $10 + each Window Screen $50 +
Specialty Bulb $25 + each Window Glass/Pane $135 + per pane
Plug/Switch Plate $10 + each Exterior Door Knob $75 +
Globe/Light Cover $50 + Interior Door Knob $50 +
Ceiling Fan $150 + Exterior Door $500 +
Light Fixtures $100 + Interior Door $250 +
Mirror $250 + Door Jamb $250 +
Keys $15 + each Garage/Entry Remotes $150 + each
Locke Replacement $150 + Amenity Card/Key $100 +


If pet restrictions are violated during your residency, deductions will be made form your security deposit for the fine (as outlined in the lease contract), de-flea, deodorizing and cleaning of carpet, OR carpet replacement AND any damages caused by the pet to protect future Residents from possible health hazards.


If carpet and/or vinyl requires replacing or repair due to damage or neglect, you will be charged part or all cost. We will use current depreciation rates to charge your security deposit.


A painting cost may be charged for either partial or full paint for soiled areas that are beyond reasonable wear. We consider reasonable wear to be one or two nail holes per wall, and slight smudge marks around light switches.     We will use current depreciation rates to charge your security deposit.


***If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Property Manager through the “Contact Us” link on our website in the Resident Portal***

We hope you have a pleasant move and wish you well in your new home.

Please do not expect to receive your security deposit disposition in less than 30 days.  After you have received your security disposition, if you have any questions concerning deductions or refunds, please submit them via email to  Phone calls will not be returned regarding security deposit dispositions.


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