Eagle’s Landing Homeowner’s Association Rules And Regulations

1. Occupancy
Occupancy and/or use of all Condominium property by any person at any time shall be subject to the rights and privileges of any other person in and to said property and shall be in accordance with the Condominium Declaration and the By-laws of the Condominium Association.

Owners are responsible for providing the Association’s Management with the names, phone numbers and vehicle information of all residents occupying their condominium.

2. Reimbursements & Liability
Owner shall promptly reimburse Denton Eagle’s Landing Homeowners Association for any loss, property damage, or cost of repairs or service to the community caused by negligence or improper use by owner, owner’s tenants, guests or occupants, unless repairs have been properly made by owner pursuant to requirements or permission to set forth by the Denton Eagle’s Landing Homeowners Association. Denton Eagle’s Landing Homeowners Association will not be liable for and Owner shall pay for the following: (a) plumbing stoppages, (b) damages from plumbing stoppages, (c) damages to doors, windows, screens unless due to negligence of Homeowners Association, (d) damages or costs incurred by Denton Eagle’s Landing Homeowners Association for owner’s failure to comply with owner’s duties of repair under the Condominium Declaration.

3. Monthly Dues
Owner assessments for the estimated common expenses shall be due monthly in advance on or before the first day of each month. Failure to pay by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month shall require the imposition of a late charge of $50.00. If assessments continue to go unpaid the use of the common areas as well as the common utilities will be denied. Please make payment by check ONLY! If the amount of your check includes multiple fees, please note on the check. If a check is returned to our office due to insufficient funds, a $50.00 charge will be assessed to your account. If the NSF causes your payment to be late, then, in addition to the $50.00 NSF fee, the $50.00 initial late charge will be added, plus $10.00 each day until amount is paid.

4. Keys & Lockouts
The owner of each unit shall provide the Association’s Management with a key to such unit including a key to any new or changed lock or any door to such unit. If an owner fails to do so, the Association will not be responsible for plumbing leaks. WATER SHUT OFF VALVES ARE LOCATED UNDER KITCHEN/BATH SINKS & BEHIND TOILETS.

Keys are for the Association’s use ONLY! They will not be distributed to maids, friends, Realtors, family members, private contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Any resident locked out of their home after office hours will be admitted by our staff once proper ID is furnished. A $50.00 lockout charge will be levied and due at the time of admittance. During office hours, a key can be obtained, without charge, for temporary use and it must be returned to the office immediately. Same applies to mailbox keys.

5. Pets
Eagle’s Landing is a NO PET PROPERTY.
Pets of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the property or in the Residents unit. Violation of this rule will necessitate the removal of the animal from the property and /or the imposition of a fine. Violation of the no pet policy will result in a $100.00 initial fine and $10.00 per day fine until the pet is removed from the premises.

6. Alterations.
Without prior written authorization from the Board of Directors, no owner or resident shall perform, or arrange to be performed, any work on any exterior wall, any work on any common element, any work on any limited common element, or any work on the inside of a unit which would result in any structural change or alteration. No owner or resident shall install, or cause to be installed, in or about any unit, any new or additional electrical wiring, any antenna or air conditioning equipment which protrudes through a roof, exterior wall or window, or which is otherwise visible from the exterior of such unit. Additional aerials or wires may not be erected anywhere on the premises.

Except within individual units, no planting, transplanting or gardening shall be done, and no fences, hedges or walls, shall be erected or maintained upon the Property, except as approved by the Board of Directors.

7. Entrances and Hallways*
In compliance with the fire code, all streets, sidewalks, driveways, entrances, passages, and stairways are to be kept free from obstruction at all times. This includes bicycles, motorcycles, mops, brooms and other similar items. Nor are they to be used as play areas or used for any other purpose than to enter or leave the unit.

8. Patios and Balconies*
No individual property shall be stored, placed on, or used in, on or about the Condominium property, except for that which is located or used inside an individual unit or an enclosed patio. Such property, including brooms, mops and similar items, shall be subject to being picked up and discarded without notice. This rule shall not prohibit residents from using designated storage areas at their own risk of loss or damage to the personal property stored therein.

No clothing or household fabrics shall be hung, dried or aired in such a way in the property as to be visible to other property and no lumber, grass, shrub or tree clippings, plant waste, metals, bulk material, scrap, refuse or trash shall be kept, stored or allowed to accumulate on any portion of the property.

9. Grills*
Denton fire code prohibits the use of grills of any kind on patios, balconies, walkways, and decking. Our insurance company also prohibits grills, smokers, or other such apparatus from being used or stored in these areas.

* In order to comply with these laws and restrictions, property management personnel will remove these items and they will be stored for 10 working days. Then they will be disposed of in accordance with the law. To retrieve property, contact the management office.

10. Signs
No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on or from any condominium or property structure without the prior written consent of the management.

11. Windows and Patio Doors
All windows and patio doors must show white to the outside to maintain the uniformity of the property. Tin foil or other such covering are not allowed. Items such as liquor or wine bottles cannot be displayed in windows. No signs of any kind are to be displayed in windows or on doors. Owners/residents shall exercise due care at all times to inspect windows, screens, locks, and latches to make sure they are always in good working order and are being properly utilized for protection. All screens must be securely in place.

12. Parking
Only the Board of Directors may designate or change the designation of parking space. A Parking Permit is required for Resident parking and for exclusive use by Resident. No vehicle shall be parked in a street, fire lane, in a no parking zone or in a parking space designated for the exclusive use of another resident. A vehicle parked in violation of this rule shall be subject to be towed away at the expense of the owner of such a vehicle. *CARS ARE NOT TO BE WASHED OR REPAIRS MADE IN THE PARKING LOT*

Parking spaces shall be used only to park Residents vehicles in regular use and which are currently registered in the name of the resident or in the legal custody of a resident. (“Vehicles” as used in this rule does not include boats, trailers, and motor homes.) If you tamper with the Parking Permit you will lose parking privileges.

13. Disturbances, Noises, Etc.
No resident may make or permit any disturbing noises by him/herself or guests. No musical instruments, televisions, radios, or stereos are to be played or operated between the hours of 12 midnight and 8:00 a.m. At all times the volume of any such item is to be kept to a minimum—excessive volume will not be tolerated at any hour. Speakers or amplifiers are not to be taken outside nor are the same to be directed towards open windows or doors. Intentional or consistent abuse of this policy will result in the eviction of all residents in violation. The City of Denton has an ordinance against excessive noise after 10 P.M. and the Police will be dispatched if any residents complain. There will be a $100.00 charge assessed to all resident’s accounts who are responsible for the police department being summoned to Eagle’s Landing’s property. Management shall have the right to request residents to keep doors and windows closed if, in the opinion of the management, the noise from the Resident’s condo is excessive or frequently bothersome to neighbors.

Large parties will be allowed on a regulated basis only. A ten day written notice will need to be given to the management and the party must be over no later than 12 midnight. Failure to give the required 10-day notice will result in a $100 fine. The resident who is granted permission to have the party will be responsible and liable for the behavior of his/her guest and for cleaning up the property after the party. This includes the pool area, courtyard, parking lot, and other adjacent areas. Remember the drinking age is 21 and anyone responsible for contributing alcohol to minors is subject to being arrested by the police. Residents who do not clean up the grounds after a party will be charged accordingly for porter services by the management.

The pool may be used by residents and their guests during the following hours:
Sunday through Thursday 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday through Saturday 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Residents should limit the number of guests to 2 per unit at any one time and must accompany guests when they are using the facilities. Pool rules posted in the pool area must be observed. Anyone who fails to abide by the rules or is observed acting in a manner which is unsafe or offensive, will be asked to leave the area.

16. Waterbeds
Waterbeds will not be permitted on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Residents will be liable for damages (which could be substantial if this rule is broken) resulting from overflow, leakage, or other causes of damages related to the Waterbed. It is strongly recommended that waterbed insurance be secured to cover expenses related to waterbed accidents.

17. Trash/Garbage
Residents shall deposit their household trash only in green dumpster located at the front of the property, not in the smaller trash receptacles located about the grounds. Trash bags, boxes, or other garbage will not be allowed to be temporarily placed outside the units. A fine of twenty five dollars ($25.00per bag) will be imposed for violation of this rule.

18. Extermination
Extermination services for pest control are performed on a quarterly basis and are mandatory to effectively control pest problems and to insure healthy living standards for all residents. Residents will be notified in advance and should fully comply with the instructions for preparation which are noted on the notices given indicating the date pest control will be performed. Failure to comply will result in a $100 fine. Management will walk with the exterminator to inspect cleanliness of the homes. In extreme situations of uncleanliness, management reserves the right to hire an outside service to clean the home, which owner or resident will be required to pay.

19. Collection of Fines.
Owners will be billed for any fines imposed against their residents in violation of these rules and regulations and are responsible for payment to the Homeowner’s Association and/or Eagle’s Landing Condominiums within ten (10) days of notification. If payment is not received within ten (10) days, the fine or penalty will be taken out of the following month’s dues. Dues will then be considered late and late fees will apply. It is the Owner’s responsibility not the Association to collect these fines from their residents for reimbursement.

20. Correspondence
All complaints, concerns, suggestions or questions should be submitted in writing to the Denton Eagle’s Landing Owners Association, Board of Directors c/o Adami and Associates, Inc., 625 Dallas Drive, Suite 100, Denton, TX 76205. The concerns will be duly noted and dealt with by the Board of Directors.


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