Eagles Landing Noise Policy

One of the major complaints we receive from our residents is concerning loud stereos. You and your neighbors have a right to expect “quiet enjoyment” of your new community without the intrusion of a neighbor’s stereo and/or television. We expect your cooperation in this matter and suggest you take a moment to introduce yourself to your neighbors and possibly exchange phone numbers. This will open communication lines should a neighborly situation occur. You may consider placing your stereo speakers off the floor on speaker boxes and away from common walls. This will help eliminate the possible sound transfer, especially of the stereo bass, between homes.

If you are having problems with a noisy neighbor, you should do the following.

  1. Try knocking on their door and peacefully asking them to control the noise. The problem may be alleviated with one knock.
  2. If the problem continues to occur, then contact the Police Department at 349-8181. They will come to the property and issue a “Disturbing the Peace” citation. The City of Denton has disturbance guidelines which state that after 10:00 p.m. excessive noise should cease. Any person disturbing his/her neighbors may receive a citation for disturbing the peace.
  3. After the police have been contacted, please notify our office of the problem so we may issue a violation notice. If it is after hours leave a message on our voice mail.

Our office will take measures to ensure that the noise problem in taken care of, however, we cannot do that if we are not notified that a problem exists. We encourage you to communicate any concerns you have with our office.

Adami & Associates, Inc. has a no nonsense noise guideline policy. The following steps are taken when noise complaints are received by our office.

  1. The first time we receive a noise complaint, you will receive a 1st warning notice in writing.
  2. The second noise complaint will result in a 2nd written warning to you and a copy of this warning will also be forwarded to your guarantors.
  3. The third complaint received, will result in our office asking that the keys to your apartment be returned to us and your right of occupancy will be terminated. This will not terminate your financial obligation to your lease agreement. You and your guarantors will be financially obligated to this lease agreement until the lease terms have been satisfied.

Your cooperation and consideration will add to your overall enjoyment of your new home.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call our office 565-9902 or stop by
our office at your convenience.


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